Veteran combines military experience with metal fabrication

Iraq War veteran Jason Young has a military mindset when it comes to projects in the shop, a philosophy he now applies to 3Up Metal Works, a custom metal fabrication company based in Milwaukee that he recently purchased…

Iraq War Veteran Jason Young has a military mindset when it comes to projects in the shop, a philosophy he now applies to 3Up Metal Works, a Milwaukee-based custom metal fabrication company he recently founded. purchased on the north side of town.

Formerly known as SSO, LLC, Young renamed the fabrication and metal shop to reflect its work ethic and company culture. The name refers to Young’s rank in the Marine Corps while the logo contains three chevrons, a military insignia denoting the rank of sergeant.

The metal fabricator’s product line covers structural steel building components, conveyor systems, catwalks, mezzanines, stairs and more for a variety of industries including food and beverage, construction, manufacturing and agriculture.

Prior to purchasing 3Up Metal Works, Young was president of Price Erecting Co., a Milwaukee-based heavy machinery mover and installer. Now, he fuses his professional experience and military background to differentiate 3Up Metal Works from its competition.

3Up Metal Works markets itself as a “true design-build custom fabrication shop”, which means the company can meet virtually any sheet metal fabrication customer needs ranging from large fabricated parts to small custom precision parts, Young said.

Rather than mass-produce a product, the company manufactures between five and ten components, many of which are custom designed and manufactured.

“We’re not a production studio,” Young said. “It’s really taking someone’s ideas from scrap paper to the finished product.”

One of the ways Young brings his military background to the metal fabrication space is with attention to detail and what he calls the 80-20 approach – 80% planning and 20% execution. By connecting with customers upfront, 3Up Metal Works can understand the functional elements of the product and, just as important, how users interact with that product.

In a recent project, 3Up Metal Works reverse-engineered a large cheese mill for a major food manufacturer in southeast Wisconsin. Rather than replicating the exact cheese grinder, Young and his team worked with the manufacturer to tweak the design elements, resulting in a more durable and efficient machine.

“With a cheese grinder, we’re crushing 50-pound bricks of cheese, so it needs to have a lot of torque and be able to withstand a lot of pressure on the metal, so we use a thicker gauge,” Young said. .

Education is also an important part of 3Up Metal Works’ customer acquisition strategy, Young said, adding that customers need information such as raw material price trends, lead times and lead times. generals of the projects, he said.

“Because we’re military, there’s always rank and structure to the process and in whatever happens, that’s what we bring to the table in our discovery meetings,” Young said.

In the first seven months of owning the business, 3Up made two hires, secured new customers and doubled its revenue, Young said. He credits the company’s success to the trusted relationships 3Up has built with clients who understand the value and niche skills of its custom metal fabrication team.

“We’re not looking to get as many customers as possible,” Young said. “I seek to find and retain good customers who understand that what we do is unique and the monetary value associated with that uniqueness.”

3Up Metallurgy

7420 N. Teutonia Ave., Milwaukee

INDUSTRY: Metal fabrication


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