ShoreTrack Launches New Metal Fabrication Industry Space For Youth In Macksville – News Of The Area

Pam Mitchell, Jill Ashley, Nickly Blade, Rodrick Darcey, Melinda Pavey, Pat Carmady, Paul Ireland, Jenny Rosser. Photo: Natasha Kirkham ETC.

Nonprofits Enterprise and Training Company (ETC) and ShoreTrack have officially launched a new space for the metal fabrication industry, “The Shed,” in Macksville.

The objective of this space is to provide young people from the region with practical training in metal fabrication.

Funding received from ETC helped ShoreTrack with the launch, including the purchase of the tools and machinery which are housed in the shed for the young participants to be trained in their use.

These tools include a plate brake – used to bend thin sheet metal, a metal cutting guillotine, a plasma cutter, a smoother used to polish materials, and Oxy LPG welding equipment.

Total funding received from ETC was $117,000.

“ETC’s very generous donation enabled us to hire a full-time carpenter and concreter,” said Jill Ashley, one of ShoreTrack’s creators.

Paul Ireland, co-creator of ShoreTrack, said: “These types of machines are used in express coaches, midcoast trucks and other areas of the industrial estate.

“Students can create small components, and they can be used in the job market by one of our industry partners, like Express Coaches.

“So while they’re learning, they can still be part of that journey to make a bus or trailer safer.”

The creation of ShoreTrack came about when Jill Ashley and Paul Ireland were approached by BackTrack, an organization that provides similar services in regional inland communities, who wanted to expand their services into coastal areas.

BackTrack’s website states that “BackTrack is for troubled youth” and has worked with young people in the Armidale area since 2006.

ShoreTrack has the same goals.

By connecting their special interests to local industry, ShoreTrack aims to build the resilience, skills and self-confidence of marginalized youth in the community.

Training and skill development is provided in carpentry, metal fabrication, horticulture, landscaping, automotive, hospitality and art by ShoreTrack.


Opening celebration. Photo: Natasha Kirkham ETC.

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