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FITCHBURG – When Susan Campbell was renovating the home in Fitchburg where she grew up 21 years ago and was looking for a stainless steel backsplash, her brother recommended Quality Fab Inc., a metal fabrication shop that specializes in works. made to measure, both large and small.

Longtime interior decorator and loyal customer Susan Campbell has ordered many pieces from Quality Fab for herself and her clients, including a metallic diamond plate backsplash for her kitchen.

Adam Cormier, who runs the shop and worked at Quality Fab for 14 years, has made the backsplash for Campbell and several other pieces since then, including a diamond metal backsplash for his kitchen.

“I walked in and met Adam who was absolutely wonderful and within minutes was able, and kind enough, to craft exactly what I needed on the spot and he did it with great pleasure,” said Campbell. about Cormier. “You don’t see this kindness and quality of service too many places anymore.”

Campbell has remained a loyal and regular customer for over two decades. Long-time interior decorator, home staging professional and redesign specialist, she sent several of her clients there and ordered parts for them.

“Although I always knew the company was there, I never realized how amazing it is and how amazing it is for anyone looking to make something out of it. any type of metal, ”she said. “I was treated so well and I was in awe of what they can do, so much so that I asked if I could sometimes spend time there for a few hours and of course Adam told me. invited to do so. It was truly fascinating to watch water containing garnet sand slice through a heavy piece of stainless steel at 90,000 psi in a matter of minutes.

Quality Fab, which was started in 1998 by brothers Brian and Michael Brazeil, is a sheet metal fabrication shop that has welding, machining, waterjet and other custom fabrication capabilities.

Quality Fab was founded in 1998 by brothers Brian and Michael Brazeil, both of whom grew up in Fitchburg and attended the Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School. Over the past 23 years, they have become known for the quality work produced in their sheet metal fabrication shop which has welding, machining, waterjet and other custom fabrication capabilities.

“We work closely with other local businesses, including plastics manufacturers, contractors, water filtration plants and other fabrication shops,” Cormier said. “Our projects include small repairs on fully designed jobs. “

Cormier, who also grew up in Fitchburg, graduated from Fitchburg High School and still resides in the city. He has custom made parts for Campbell and many other customers over the years including Aldrich Auto Body & Repair and Select Engineering in Fitchburg and local contractors.

Machinist Dave Sartelle, who has worked at Quality Fab for eight years, works with a milling machine.

“Quality Fab is a great place to work and every day is different,” he said. “The owners have taught me so much, and it has been great meeting local business owners and helping provide services to members of the community.

Quality Fab has seven employees, including the owners, Cormier, machinists and welders. Cormier said he enjoys working with customers to determine exactly what they need and produce a finished product for them.

“This is where my expertise comes in, I love the creativity of it,” he said.

Cormier said they work with all types of metals, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass and copper, which they can cut to any thickness and size and can be polite or unpolished. A five-foot-diameter round metal disc he made for a stationery mill that shreds paper into pulp sat on a computerized machine for 90 hours, and he’s already created a custom metal grill cover for a customer who loves grill pizzas there.

“He told me, when it’s all over, bring the kids over for pizza,” Cormier said.

Quality Fab staff work with all types of metals including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass and copper, which they can cut to any thickness and size and can be polished or unpolished.

Cormier said he did finishing work for biomedical labs, including Boston and Northeast University labs, such as panels to hide pipes and electrical wires, and their products have been shipped to countries from all over the world, including Saudi Arabia.

The Campbell family owned and operated JR’s Pub & Patio on North Street for 30 years and, as such, said they were “very committed to the community”. She said it was important for her to support local businesses such as Quality Fab.

“We’re always talking about attracting new businesses to Fitchburg, but we already have some amazing businesses established here,” she said. “This long-standing Fitchburg company deserves a bit of recognition. I love local businesses helping and supporting each other, it’s amazing, especially considering the difficult times many businesses have faced with COVID. “

When Campbell needed a specific size floor drain cover and custom stainless steel sink for the owners of Paddock Lounge, who are friends of hers, she said she knew exactly where to go.

Adam Cormier, Quality Store Manager and longtime loyal customer Susan Campbell, both residents of Fitchburg.

“What I loved is the way they went out of their way to create what you need,” she said of Quality Fab. “The customer service is amazing. “

Cormier said he enjoys working with clients to meet their specific needs.

“It’s nice to work with clients who come in and come up with a solution to their problem,” Cormier said. “Susan was just one of those clients. I am grateful that she was excited and interested in the work we do here at the store.

He said business had remained stable throughout the pandemic, although it had recently felt the pinch of an increase in the cost of materials, which he said they “hate having to pass on to customers.”

“Like all other companies, we have come through these difficult times with our heads held high and continue to move forward,” Cormier said.

Although he had to navigate his way through these unprecedented times, Cormier said he and the staff at Quality Fab were grateful to their customers, loyal and new, who continue to frequent their business.

A bespoke stainless steel sink that Susan Campbell ordered from Quality Fab for the Paddock Lounge.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years and will continue to support us in the future.”

For more information call 978-348-2907, visit https://qualityfabandmachine.com/, and follow Quality Fab Inc. on Facebook.

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