Paperless Parts – How Oversized Sheet Metal Fabrication Quotes Are Costing You


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Are you spending too much time designing sheet metal fabrication quotes? At Paperless Parts, we have seen hundreds of quotes being developed using different methods. Estimating and quoting take a considerable amount of time in sheet metal fabrication shops. Often times, the more experienced employees or the store owners themselves carry out these activities because they are critical and have a direct impact on the business. But estimating and citing doesn’t need to bog your team down. Especially when studies show that 7 out of 10 quotes sent do not generate any income. In this webinar, Jason Ray, Co-Founder and CEO of Paperless Parts, will show you how modern technology can help you get the right information from the data you generate in the quotation process to reduce the time spent overestimating the quotations. Find out how you can take advantage of part geometry to generate cost and pricing formulas. With this data and the automation of the quote process, your team can spend less time designing quotes and more time on the shop floor completing jobs and training junior employees.


Jason Ray – Co-founder and CEO of Paperless Parts

Jason Ray is the co-founder and CEO of Paperless Parts, the manufacturing platform that enables machine shops to streamline communications, build quotes faster and more accurately, improve the experience. client and develop their business. Jason discovered his passion for manufacturing while serving in the Pentagon in the United States Navy as a Supply and Logistics Officer, where he led the implementation of advanced manufacturing. Seeing the negative impacts associated with inefficient supply to production companies in the short term, Jason was determined to address this critical issue plaguing manufacturing. Jason holds a BA from Trinity College and an MBA from Babson College.

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