Made in the Northwest: American Metal Fabrication and Welding

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – At her Spokane Valley boutique, American Metal Fabrication and Welding can do just about anything you want with metal.

“You name it. If you can dream it, we can probably build it,” President Aaron Meldrum said. “And if we can’t, we know people to work with to help us do that for you.”

American Metal Fabrication and Welding is a partnership between Meldrum and his longtime friend Brandon Blasberg, owner American CNC manufacturing next, which we featured on Made in the Northwest in 2017.

“Just a perfect opportunity for us to collaborate together,” Meldrum said. “Go more on the metal fabrication side.”

To start, Meldrum said AMFW immediately invested in new equipment, like its plasma cutter.

“The CNC plasma cutter would give us the ability to cut up to three quarter inch thick sheet steel.”

They also bought a reciprocating saw to process large pieces of steel and also chose a Scottish ironworker.

“It’s really going to expand our capabilities when it comes to processing materials faster. Mowing, drilling holes, stuff like that,” Meldrum said.

And as the name suggests, it’s also a complete welding shop.

“MIG, TIG welding. Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum. We also have oxyacetylene, so if we need to burn plates, we can do that as well,” Meldrum explained.

Much of AMFW’s work today is in decorative metal signs. They even made a sign for our radio colleagues at Rock 94 1/2.

Meldrum would like to do more work in outdoor living spaces, like with the metal outdoor fire pit top he sent to landscaping companies.

“They actually seem very interested,” Meldrum said. “They just need the client who wants that metallic look in their outdoor landscape.”

AMFW also carried out work on the vehicles. Meldrum says he even made this rack for a brewery and various other projects.

“The jack-of-all-trades right now.”

The growing number of projects makes Meldrum confident about the future, saying he thinks AMFW will soon need a bigger facility and more toys as well.

“We’ll probably consider getting a laser cutting machine eventually, so we can do all of this.”

Expand your capabilities and increase your volume of work with metal.

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