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They are among the most flexible and less well-known loyalty currencies. They’re not only Avios. They are “miles” from British Airways Executive Club. They also represent an amount that Aer Lingus as well as Iberia flyers earn.

You might think that all three Avios are the same, but why should they not be at all because they have the same name and the IAG parent IAG manages each airline? IAG? But, there are some notable distinctions in frequent flyer services these three airlines offer , and there are possible opportunities to make money from.

One of the most significant is the fact that all airlines offer various credit cards that offer Avios, which are a significant welcome offer. This article will explain how to earn more Avios with Iberia Visa Signature(r) Card, the Iberia Visa Signature(r) Card as well as it’s Iberia Visa Signature(r) Card and the Aer Lingus Visa Signature(r) Card, as well as the benefits to look into one of the British Airways Visa Signature(r) Card.

While Travel Slowly Restarts, These Are The Airlines Running The Risk Of Bankruptcy

So, these are the airlines running the risk of bankruptcy even with a slow but steady restart in the travel industry.

With a global travel recovery seeming closer in sight, many airlines have managed to bounce back while others are still facing the looming threat of bankruptcy. Recent analysis using BankruptcyHQ score shows the list of carriers under the most threat.

With some travel restrictions only just being lifted following the imposed aviation safety regulations being put in place in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, the world expects some light at the end of the tunnel for the world of travel.

It is worth noting that while some governments throughout Europe and the U.S. offered billions to aid carriers, this same state support wasn’t found in other regions. With this lack of financial aid, certain cash-strapped airlines had to work out means on their own in court or directly with creditors.

Avios The Basics of Avios

Aer Lingus AerClub, British Airways Executive Club Aer Lingus AerClub, British Airways Executive Club along with Iberia Plus are each the specific frequent-flier programs of the airlines in question. But, regardless of which is your primary plan you’ll receive what’s referred to as Avios.

The only method to earn AerClub Avios is to fly on Aer Lingus, British Airways as well as United (interestingly sufficient). In the case of Aer Lingus’ flights, passengers are awarded three Avios per dollar they pay for the cost of airfare and other costs for carriers however, they do not receive taxes or other fees like baggage or seats. What Avios you earn on British Airways and United flights are dependent on the distance traveled and the class of ticket, such as Economy full-fare, discounted economy Premium economy, Business Class and so on.

Iberia Plus is a great method for you to make Avios. Iberia Plus, you make Avios according to the distance you travel and the class of your flight. It is possible to use this program with over a dozen partners which include Oneworld alliance airlines, Vueling, LEVEL, Avianca (part of Star Alliance), and Binter.

Additionally, with British Airways, you can earn Avios on flights with Oneworld airlines as well as Aer Lingus, which depends on the type of fare as well as the distance traveled.

Each mileage plan includes charts and regulations for awarding mileage based on distance. This is a unique bonus.

If you think this is complicated, the outcome is that, if you have accounts with three different carriers you are able to transfer Avios across the three carriers. This is essential because it allows you to credit your travel for the one that gives the most Avios and then transfer them to another airline if you feel it has a better chance of reselling.

Transferring Avios between British Airways, Aer Lingus and Iberia

Whichever airline you earn Avios by, the most important advantage to this scheme is its ability to move Avios across three airlines in order to get the highest rewards.

Transfer Aer Lingus Avios to and from British Airways Executive Club or Iberia Plus directly on the Avios website. Log in, then click on the tab which states “Combine my Avios.” Select the preferred transfer software (you’ll be asked to sign in with the credentials for the program you’d like for them transfer to) ). Then select the number of Avios they’re willing to transfer around. The process takes less than an hour.

For Iberia Plus, Log into your Iberia Plus account via the airline’s website and click on the “Combine my Avios” tab from the menu. Select the partner you’d like for you to send Avios to, and then enter your login details for the account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be to go.

The process for British Airways Avios to Aer Lingus AerClub and Iberia Plus works much the identical, however, it is only available on using the BA website.

By using any of these options it is possible to transfer Avios to and from any direction, and in increments of up to 1000 Avios at a interval. One condition is that you need to be a Iberia Plus member for Iberia Plus for at least 90 days prior to transferring funds into or out of the account.

This article provides information about Iberia as well as Aer Lingus’ co-branded credit cards, as well as the best moment to make an application for both. They all have co-branded credit card that is linked to Chase in the U.S. so that you are able to earn lots of Avios through welcome offers and daily spending. You can also leverage program rules that will allow you to earn the most benefit from your rewards, subject to restrictions on credit card usage.

Maximizing Avios Aer Lingus Visa Signature Card

It is the Aer Lingus Visa Signature(r) Card is a great choice for those who want many attractive advantages that enable you to earn more Avios as well as earn even more not the only one however it offers a superb welcome package as well as a fantastic daily rate of making. Here are the most recent information about the card.

Welcome Offer: 100000 Avios after you have spent $5,000 on purchases within the first 3 months following the account’s opening.

Earning Rates Receive five Avios per dollar on the eligible Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia, and LEVEL purchases in your first year after the opening of your account. After that, you earn 3 Avios. Receive Three Avios per dollar on hotel reservations that are eligible, made directly through the hotel during the first 18 months after the account’s opening. following that, you will get 2 Avios. Earn an average of one Avios per dollar for other purchases.

Annual Fee Annual Fee: $95

The most memorable Perks

Cardholders who are authorized may enjoy priority board prior to taking off on Aer Lingus planes that leave from Ireland and then return from the U.S. from Ireland. There aren’t any fees for foreign transactions.

If you make a purchase of $30 000 with your credit card in the calendar year You’ll get and Economy-class companion tickets for an airline flight across Ireland and the U.S. and Ireland, valid to use for one year.

One of the best-known advantages is the possibility to to receive a discount in the several hundred dollars (or more) for a return trip across Ireland and the U.S. and Ireland each year as long as the expenditure falls within your financial budget.

Redeeming Aer Lingus Avios

Similar to British Airways and Iberia (and many other International airline companies), Aer Lingus AerClub has a chart of award categories that are based on distance. How much Avios required for a particular trip will depend on the distance you will travel in, the amount of segments required for flight as well as the kind of service you’re using. Another factor to take into consideration in this equation is the choice between off-peak and peak prices according to the date of your trip.

For a quick overview , for simplicity’s sake It is estimated that you’ll need 13,000-20,000 Avios per direction in economy class in order to travel across Ireland and connecting between East Coast of the U.S. and Canada and 16,250-25,000 between Ireland and Canada, as well as between Ireland and the West Coast as well as Miami and Orlando. Business class passengers should expect between 55,000 and 60,000 Avios per trip between Ireland and between the East Coast and Ireland, and 62,500-75,000 for Florida and the West Coast and Florida.

Additionally to that, in addition, the Avios value is less than the amount British Airways would charge you for the exact same flight. There is no need to pay the high cost of fuel or other carrier-imposed costs on flights as you would when you redeem British Airways Avios for BA flights to and from the U.K. Think about a round trip that ranges from $200 to $350 for Aer Lingus, rather than $600-$1,300 that is the norm of British Airways. The biggest drawbacks are that it is difficult to book reservations with other airlines (you must contact Aer Lingus, which may take a while).

To put this in perspective The most efficient methods to make use of AerLingus Avios that are available through AerClub is to redeem them to travel on Aer Lingus flight that departs from and goes to Ireland. In other situations you’ll have to save your reserves in order to move them to British Airways Executive Club or Iberia Plus so you can redeem them quicker by using these airlines or one of the airlines’ Oneworld partners.

Optimizing the Aer Lingus Visa

It is logical to apply for the Aer Lingus Visa because you will earn welcome bonus Avios and increase the first year’s earnings rate to accumulate lots of Avios quickly. You can then transfer your Avios to British Airways or Iberia when the time is right to redeem.

Maximizing Avios With The Iberia Visa Signature Signature Card

Its Iberia Visa Signature(r) Card comes with a variety of advantages to help you maximize your Avios but is the chart of awards that stands out.

The Welcome Offer 100,000 Avios after you have spent $5,000 on purchases within the first three months following the account’s opening.

Earning Rates You earn five Avios for every dollar you buy from Iberia, British Airways, Aer Lingus and LEVEL for your first time within the 18 months from the date of opening your account, and thereafter earn 3 Avios. Earn three Avios per dollar you spend on hotel rooms when booking directly through the hotel the first 18 months after the date of opening your account and, after that, you earn 2 Avios. In addition, you will earn 1.01 Avios per dollar for any other purchase.

Annual Fee Cost: $95

The most notable Perks

Cardholders can avail 10% discount on Iberia flights booked through Iberia.com/Chase10. When they make more than $30,000 in purchases made using this card, they receive an offer for a discounted flight worth $1,000. can be used to purchase two tickets on the same flight in the same class, resulting in a significant savings.

Redeeming Iberia Avios

Then, things get exciting. Iberia Plus offers its award rates that are advantageous specifically for U.S.-based travellers who are heading for Spain as well as other countries within Europe which aren’t situated in The U.K. Iberia Plus offers only one segment of flight with Iberia connecting to Spain rather than two on British Airways or Aer Lingus. Iberia does not charge sky-high cost for award tickets to carriers.

Saver awards are offered on Iberia their own in between Boston and New York in America. US as well. New York JFK to Madrid costs between 17,000 and 15,000 Avios in each route in Economy Class, and 34,000 – 50k for business class. It’s just 34,000 Avios for seats that lay flat across the Atlantic! Think about the number of British Airways Avios you’d need–20,750 Avios for economy class and 62,000 in business class.

For Chicago, Miami, and San Francisco, You’ll require 21250 to 25,000 Avios when flying economy, and 42,500-62,500 for business class. This is still a great deal particularly when you compare it to BA’s cost of 25,750 per for economy class and the 77250 price for Business Class.

The best choice is to utilize Iberia Avios to fly with the airline which fly between Europe, the U.S. and Europe and for shorter flights within Europe beginning from 5,500 Avios per person for the economy class.

In other circumstances it is possible to transfer your tickets over to British Airways for awards on additional flights with high prices for short-haul flights via its Oneworld partners throughout different regions of the world, including American Airlines flights in North America, Cathay Pacific flights in Asia as well as Qantas flight to Australia.

Maximizing Iberia Visa

There are three major reasons to get this credit card regardless of whether you plan to utilize all of the Avios within Iberia Plus. The first one is that you will receive a welcome reward. The chance of earning an immense amount of Avios is not something you want to ignore easily.

Like like the Aer Lingus Visa another reason this card is popular is the first year earnings rates that prioritize tickets to partner airlines as well as hotel reservations. If you’re planning to travel for any amount of time in the one-year calendar (or at the very minimum, you’ll need to pay for your travels in this first calendar year) The card’s reward structure is unbeatable.

What makes this card unique is that you can save 10% on Iberia flights. Imagine, a huge discount while earning miles. You can also keep up to $1,000 per route once you’ve reached the limit of spending $3000 each year. If you are a frequent traveler with Iberia every year, it could be an enormous amount of savings while still earning Avios.

Consider taking into account British Airways Visa Signature(r) Card

The primary reason BA gives to sign up for this card may not be the most effective in the event that you spend more than $35,000 on purchases within the first year following the account’s opening. Additionally, you can also avail an Travel Together Ticket, which can be used as companion tickets for the all-round British Airways itinerary originating in the U.S. But, due to the cost of taxes and charges for the flights that BA offers on its alone, it might not be worth the cost.

Two other elements contribute for the British Airways Visa’s advantage. The first is that cardholders receive 10% off when booking British Airways flights originating in the U.S. when booking through the specially designed website in the welcome pack. This could translate into massive savings.

Another benefits are that credit card holders are entitled to statement credits of $100 on the economy or premium economy tickets, and $200 on business and first class tickets. The credit are available at least three times per calendar year, and the maximum benefit is $600 annually. But, you have to reserve award flights for London which British Airways operate, so you’re guaranteed that you’ll pay the highest cost regardless of discount.

Other Alternatives

If you’re hoping to earn Avios by taking part in one of the programs , but don’t want to sign in for cobranded credit cards, remember of the fact that all three Avios frequent-flier plans come with distinct credit partner points and transfer partners.

Transfer American Express Membership Rewards points earned through cards like The American Express Platinum Card(r) or the American Express Gold Card American Express or the American Express(r) Gold Card in addition to transferring them into three different programs.

Additionally also, you can also transfer the Chase Ultimate Rewards rewards that you earn from the Chase Sapphire Preferred(r) Card and The Chase Sapphire Reserve(r) as well as also the Ink business Preferred(r) credit Card can be transferred to the three cards.

Bottom Line

Three different items earn you three welcome rewards. The chances for earning Avios aren’t always obvious. Be sure to review your travel plans and identify which Avios credit cards, or ones that are most suitable for your needs.

To determine the rates and charges for the Platinum Card(r) from American Express.

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